Workshops & Training

The Blue Lakes Program offers Workshops & Training that can be used to achieve program goals under various Performance Areas. These events are offered for a nominal fee and typically occur throughout the summer months both in-person and online.

Our Workshops

Design Your Own Shoreland Garden Workshop
Other Workshops Offered Under the Blue Lakes Program

Your shoreland can be natural but also beautiful while maintaining access to the lake and great lake views. Natural shorelands can attract butterflies and pollinators, help maintain your lake’s fish habitats and water quality, deter nuisance geese, and so much more! Upon completing the workshop, you’ll take home a custom garden design for your shore using native plants which are tailored to your aesthetic and needs! 

During this workshop you’ll co-create a custom shoreland garden design with the help of seasoned experts with over 20 years of experience in naturalizing, restoring, and designing shoreland gardens across Ontario. You’ll learn about plants, design aspects, and lighting effects as well as choose plant colours, heights, areas and more. 

Stay tuned for 2023 group workshop dates & costs! You can also schedule a private workshop for a minimum 15-person group by emailing

The Blue Lakes Program and its founding charity, The Land Between, also offer a number of other seasonal workshops that are typically offered throughout the summer months.

From learning about turtles, why they are an important component of our aquatic ecosystems, and how we can protect them, to receiving training on removing invasive species and monitoring their presence on your property, there are many workshops we offer to help you achieve your Blue Lakes Program goals!

For a list of all workshops, keep an eye on The Land Between’s event page. Workshops that are eligible to be used by Blue Lakes participants towards their completion of the program will be clearly flagged in the event description. Program Admins will also email participants with relevant workshops so they are in the loop with all of the supporting programming available to them!

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