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Blue Lakes Program Eligibility

The Blue Lakes Program is an accessible way for lakefront property owners to take an active role in promoting the health and integrity of their lake. Take a look at our eligibility requirements to see if you and your property qualify for participation in the program!


Eligibility Checklist

☐ I own a lakefront property in The Land Between bioregion. To determine if you are located in The Land Between bioregion, please refer to this interactive map!

☐ My lakefront property has a minimum 10-foot wide buffer of natural shore

☐ I don't have any hardened shorelines on my property (things like walls or Gabion baskets)

Program Benefits

Benefits for your lake
Benefits for your property
Benefits for you
  • Creation of important habitat for aquatic species
  • Increased biodiversity in our lakes
  • Reduced pressure posed by invasive species on native species
  • Prevention of pollutants and harmful substances from entering our lakes
  • Incorporation of Two-Eyed Seeing, or a blended Western Science-Indigenous Knowledge approach, into lake health
  • Increased data available to better inform lake science
  • Creation of a beautiful, scenic property
  • Can prevent invasion of property from nuisance species, like geese
  • Can prevent erosion and potential property damage
  • Can reduce insurance rates by reducing safety and environmental risk on properties
  • Can increase property values
  • Promotes nature connectedness, which has been shown to positively affect mental and physical health, increasing quality of life
  • Can minimize the potential for environmental infractions and fines
  • Can introduce you to neighbours and other lakefront property owners on your lake

No matter what the state of your lake is, the Blue Lakes Program is for you! Take a look at some of the reasons our existing members have chosen to be Blue Lakes Stewards!

Ready to have a stake in the health of your lake?
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