The Natural Edge

Shoreline Re-Naturalization Plans, Plants and Expertise

Do you want to improve your shoreline and help keep your lake healthy for future generation? Book a free site visit with a shoreline naturalization expert. During these visits, we will provide you with advice and recommendations to improve the health of your shoreline property and help you design a “natural edge” using the Watersheds Canada Natural Edge app.

If planting is recommended and you decide to move forward with a shoreline re-naturalization project, we can offer you all the resources you need to get started through the generous support of our funding sponsors. Resources in our Shoreline Re-naturalization Starter Kit include a customized planting plan, educational materials and native plants to create natural habitat along your shoreline.

For $395.00, landowners purchasing the starter kit will receive:

  • Free site visit
  • Customized re-naturalization planting plan for your shoreline property
  • 50 wildflowers or 10 potted plants
  • Plant Care Guide with instructions on how to take care of your new plants
  • Habitat Creation Guide
  • Wildflower Garden Guide

Note that mileage fees will apply

Contact us and choose a booking starting in July

    If your shoreline is already natural and you simply want to move it ahead, attend a Design Your Own Shoreline Garden workshops, learn new skills, receive plant guides, and take home a custom design for your shore.

    The Natural Edge project is delivered in partnership with Watersheds Canada

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