Social Involvement

The success of many projects, including the Blue Lakes project, largely depends on the community involvement.  Volunteers like yourself make the Blue Lakes project possible, as the task of sustaining healthy lakes is unachievable without the help of the community.  This project started as a small idea and has continually grown with the invaluable support of the community.  Everyday we get closer to the reality of sustaining healthy lakes across The Land Between because of your incredible help.    

Your involvement in The Blue Lakes project means you are already setting a positive example of lake stewardship in your community!  Participating in The Blue Lakes project sets the example of lake stewardship for your neighbors, friends and family.  Some people may inquire about lake stewardship, which presents the perfect opportunity to inform and educate community members about the importance of lake health.  There are many resources on the Blue Lakes website where community members can learn more about lake stewardship.  

Growing the Blue Lakes project is a simple way to make a difference in lake health, as we can work collaboratively towards specific goals.  As a Blue Lakes member, you have a duty to inform your community about the importance of healthy lakes, and how other homeowners can make a difference in the community’s lake health through the Blue Lakes project.  Greater participation in the Blue Lakes project will increase the positive impact that we will experience in our lakes. 

Social outreach may not directly relate to improving lake health, but increasing uptake for the Blue Lakes program is incredibly valuable.  Because there is strength in numbers, a group of people has more influence or power than a single person.  We can also act as lake stewards by educating those who are interested in learning, and referring them to the Blue Lakes website.  As more and more community members learn about the Blue Lakes project, lake stewardship will become a ‘norm’ and a natural part of living on the lake for many community members.  Through your help as a Blue Lakes member, we can reach new communities to work towards the common goal of lake stewardship.  

Communities are powerful.  Community members report countless benefits from involvement in a group.  For one, active involvement in one’s community is a powerful way to become connected with new people to build relationships.  The Blue Lakes project is an opportunity to connect with those on your lake - perhaps new neighbors, old friends, or those that you may have lost contact with.  Strong communities enable emotional support, access to the resources or networks of other community members, exchange of knowledge and skills, and the potential to collaborate with others to generate greater impact in projects [1]. 

The social involvement and outreach performance area aims to encourage meaningful relationships within your community, starting with everyone's shared interest in lake stewardship.  Strong communities with supportive members will achieve more together than any individual could achieve alone.   

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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