Overview of Supporting Tools

Participants in the Blue Lakes Program can undertake independent actions to achieve their selected goals or do so through a variety of supporting programs offered by our staff and founding charity, The Land Between. Participation in this programming is completely voluntary but can be a beneficial alternative to those who are newer to lake science or who are undertaking more advanced actions on their properties. From workshops to citizen science programming to on-site visits from experts, there is a wide variety of supporting programming available to help participants meet their goals!

Workshops & Training


Workshops and training are one-time in nature and are often offered in the summer months. Workshops may be offered online, in-person, or in blended formatting. There is typically a nominal cost affiliated to participate.

The Design Your Own Shoreland Garden workshop is a keystone workshop typically offered over a three-hour period once per month from May to August. This workshop is particularly helpful for participants who have selected Shoreland Health as a Performance Area for their Blue Lakes Program goals. 

We also offer other one-time workshops and events across turtle science and conservation, bird walks and talks and more!

Citizen Science Programming


Citizen science, or community science, is the participation of the general public in the collection of data across large areas for scientific research. Examples include collecting water samples, monitoring wildlife, and reporting invasive species through websites, phone apps, or physical data sheets. This data enhances scientific knowledge across the world, which can help inform conservation efforts to improve human and environmental health. Participants need not have extensive knowledge, time, or a scientific background to take part in citizen science programming.

We offer a variety of citizen science programming that Blue Lakes Program participants can take part in to achieve their goals under the program.

Site Visits


For more guided and tailored help, the Blue Lakes Program also offers site visits to landowners where a member of our staff will visit your property and work with you on an individualized basis.

Currently, we are offering The Natural Edge site visits, a shoreland health workshop where one of our staff will visit and assess the current state of the shoreland area on your property and then follow-up with a customized planting plan for your shoreland as well as the plants you need, their care instructions and more.

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