Merry Macrophytes

Macrophytes are Meaningful

In The Land Between, we are fortunate to be surrounded by plentiful lakes that are home to fish, benthic macroinvertebrates, and aquatic plants. More often than not, aquatic plants are misunderstood as a weedy nuisance on shorelines. Macrophytes, also known as aquatic plants, often don’t get enough recognition for the important role they play in our lakes. Macrophytes offer countless benefits for lakefront homeowners, wildlife, and overall lake health. Macrophytes are important for wildlife as they provide critical habitat for fish and aquatic invertebrates.  Aquatic plants also produce oxygen in the water, a necessity for all aquatic life, and provide food for fish and other wildlife. For homeowners, macrophytes prevent erosion on shorelines, as well as reduce runoff from storm events. The presence of certain macrophyte species can indicate the health of water as well.  Certain species are tolerant of pollution or toxins, while other species are very sensitive to lower quality water and will not survive. Therefore, when certain macrophytes are present that are sensitive to pollution, we know that the water it was found in or around is high quality. 

Merry Macrophytes is an interactive and engaging way to learn about the aquatic plants in your lake.  Macrophytes are easily sampled and monitored, making them ideal indicator species to gain a general idea of waterbody health.  You’ll learn about species that indicate good water quality as well as tips and tricks for species identification!  

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