Lakes & The Land Between

The Land Between: A Land of Lakes


The Land Between is home to a substantial portion of Ontario’s freshwater outside of the Great Lakes. Spanning Ontario's Cottage Country including the Muskokas and Kawarthas all the way east to the Ottawa Valley, this land is a headwaters providing drinking water supplies and recharging aquifers for much of southern Ontario. The region, therefore, has a large role to play in ensuring that our water and associated wildlife remains healthy for generations to come.

You can learn about just how important this area is with respect to water by the numbers below!

The Land Between is home to 30,000 lakes with over 2,700 being considered “large” in size.


The Land Between is home to the last reserve of wetlands in Southern Ontario, with over 84% being “beaver controlled”, which are generally held to be the most biodiverse and thriving wetlands in our area.

In The Land Between, you can turn in any direction and find water within half a kilometer away.

Fisheries in The Land Between are valued at over $110 million annually.


An estimated 70% of the economic income for businesses and municipalities relies on outdoor recreation and cottaging, both of which are highly dependent on the health of our lakes.


An estimated 70% of shoreland, an area that supports up to 90% and 70% of aquatic and land-dwelling wildlife respectively, is located in The Land Between.

Because of the significant role this area plays in lake health and integrity, it is vital that programs like the Blue Lakes Program be instated to ensure that our water is and remains healthy and intact.

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