How It Works

Program Overview

The Blue Lakes Program takes place over a one-year cycle. Our team offers hands-on guidance to ensure first-time participants are set up for success and provides a templated self-assessment tool to support year-end assessments. Learn more about the program's components below!

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Participants select a subset of goals from 7 guiding Performance Areas over a 30-minute online working session with our Program Admin. All participants walk away with a Dreamboard, which is a final document outlining the specific actions they will take to achieve their goals.

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Throughout the year, participants work independently towards their goals by completing the actions prescribed on their Dreamboard. The Blue Lakes team offers a number of workshops, events, and site visits for a fee that participants can enroll in to assist in completing these actions.

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At the end of each year, participants' actions will be self-assessed. This is done using a Scorecard to ensure actions are being uniformly applied across participants. Successful first-time participants will be awarded their Blue Flag while returning participants will be permitted to continue flying their Blue Flag for another year!

Blue Lakes Performance Areas

The Blue Lakes Program has a set of 7 Performance Areas under which participants can select goals and related actions they can take to promote the health and integrity of their lake. Participants are expected to operate within 4 of the 7 Performance Areas. Learn more about these Performance Areas below.

Invasive Species Management

Habitat Conservation & Biodiversity

Managing Shoreland Health

Nutrients, Sprays & Chemical Applications

Take action to prevent the spread of invasive species, which outcompete naturally occurring plants and animals, on your property.

Conserve, restore, and enhance habitat for wildlife on your property. Ensure habitat is connected both on and adjacent to your property.

Naturalize and promote the health of the most productive area on your property - your shoreland, or the area where land meets water.

Prevent harmful substances, like fertilizers, insecticides, and more, from running off from your property to your lake.

Citizen Science & Nature Connection

Reconciliation, Humility & Kindness

Outreach, Education & Inclusivity

Connect with nature by observing and recording observations and sharing knowledge with the science community.

Learn about Canada’s colonial history and its lasting impact on Indigenous peoples today and take related action.

Share your knowledge and expertise with others, with a particular focus on advancing awareness of the Blue Lakes eco-label.

Program Cost

The Blue Lakes Program is intended to be an accessible tool for lakefront property owners to have a stake in the health of their lake. For that reason, the program is currently offered for free to participants. However, awarding of the Blue Flag to successful new participants (as well as the right for returning participants to continue flying their Blue Flag) will incur a nominal fee. Participants can opt out of receiving their Blue Flag should they wish to avoid this fee. Additionally, supporting programming including workshops, events, and site visits that can aid participants in achieving their goals are offered for a fee, though participation in this supporting programming is completely optional as well.

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