Dream Board and Scorecard

Lake stewardship efforts are measured through performance areas that target lake health initiatives.  Within the first year of the Blue Lakes program, groups will use the Dream Board as a guide to create stewardship goals that are suited to their lake's needs.  In the following years, self-assessments called the Scorecard, will be completed annually to measure progress in each performance area.  The Scorecard also leads groups through reflection exercises about progress in their performance area goals during the past year.   The Scorecard will be completed annually to redirect focus on the Dream Board goals, and to organize the next steps.  We recognize that summers go by fast at the cottage - with swimming, family and barbeques, so the Scorecard also serves as a gentle reminder for the performance area goals and Blue Lakes participation.  

Download the Dream Board Guide and fillable form or large fillable map

The Dream Board Guide helps your group complete the goals for your lake within each Performance Area. There are two forms to choose from; letter sized sheets within the guidebook which are great to share with your members or through emails, or the large map below, which is perfect to share online with the world! The Dream board is used to support your stewardship goals and also as a benchmark for the charity to measure and audit your annual progress. Once complete, send to the Blue Lakes Team info@thelandbetween.ca

To learn about the Blue Lakes performance areas, click here.

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