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The Blue Lakes Program is a project of The Land Between (TLB), a national, award-winning charity working to research, conserve, and protect a bioregion of the same name spanning Ontario’s cottage country through to the Ottawa Valley. As one of 15 Community-Nominated Priority Places in Canada, TLB provides a final opportunity to protect and recover nature and disappearing species through grassroots conservation action.

Learn more about TLB bioregion and our charity below!

More about the bioregion

The Land Between (TLB) bioregion sits "between" the Canadian Shield and St. Lawrence Lowlands, containing features of both of these landscapes as well as features completely unique to it. This type of meeting place is known as an “ecotone”, and it produces a rich diversity across the landscape, creating habitat for 57 federally listed species at risk as well as disappearing common species like the loon, bear and moose.

Due to this diversity, TLB also provides ecosystem services like water supply and filtration, pollination, flood control and disease control that benefit all of Ontario. These ecosystem services give us resilience and the ability to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate.

More about our charity

The Land Between’s story began in the late 1990’s with recognition by Peter Alley, the forefather of the organization, that this land spanning Southern Ontario was a special place, one that deserved preservation not only from an ecological perspective but also with respect to its culture and heritage. Since then our founder, Leora Berman, has worked to carve and craft the initiative from the foundation he laid into the organization it is today.

The Land Between employs seven year-round staff and hires many more on a seasonal basis to conduct fieldwork throughout the summer months. We also owe a great deal to the many partners and over 850 trained volunteers who help our organization execute on its mission!

A Mission Aligned Program

The Blue Lakes Program spans several of The Land Between’s core program areas.

Water Health

The Water Health program area's focus is to ensure that the region's waters remain healthy and intact for generations to come. The Blue Lakes Program fits within this program area for TLB given it has these same core goals in mind.


Promoting habitat conservation and biodiversity is a Performance Area available to participants of the Blue Lakes Program, helping us to promote our broader goal of protecting the variety of life found broadly within The Land Between bioregion!

Youth & Education

By empowering kids and communities to take an active role in their lake’s health through community science programming, the Blue Lakes program also helps us achieve our broader goal of promoting education, particularly for youth, in conservation.

Indigenous Knowledge

Through our Reconciliation Performance Area, we emphasize the importance of incorporating Indigenous Knowledge, a core programming area, as it pertains to lake science and health.

You can learn more about The Land Between bioregion and our charity by visiting our website.

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